Viktor Szeri

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Viktor Szeri dance choreographer

Viktor Szeri dance choreographer

[Viktor Szeri, dance choreographer]

Today, contemporary dance is not a superstar phenomenon, so to say. People are losing their interest in movements if they cannot find their own, personal relationship to them. I am also not particularly interested in techniques, rather search for movements that are born from emotions or from different conditions of the body.<

Usually I work from my own life and from my own memories; the spaces I put on the stage are the rooms of my own, especially in my solos. The instruments I use (the videos, tools or fragments of hysteria or joy) are always rooted in the ordinary and can be familiar to everyone. Even though, they are dreadfully exaggerated and blown up onstage.

My goal is to create atmospheres that may stir something up in yourself, and yet somehow you can feel yourself at home in them. I know, I choose risky and hidden topics, from gender issues to questions of sexuality, youth and techno cultures, so sometimes it is not that obvious how the audience will react. It can be also quite disquieting to predict how the overwhelmed images of flamingos, piñatas, giant Chinese dragons and plush costumes will congeal to form a whole. It may sound silly, but I can only get some rest when we are performing onstage, when all the elements (lights, music, movements) come together and I can feel the flow that okay, this is the vision I wanted to share.

Viktor Szeri

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