[A Viktor Szeri review by Dóri Albert] If there is a genre in music called self-depressive-synth-pop, why couldn’t it exist in dance as well? On the verge of anxiety, schizophrenia, self-identification and defenselessness, on the multimedia scene, where movement, silence vs. low beats (music: András Molnár) and dynamic light design (Kata Dézsi) interact, Viktor Szeri’s thrilling performance Sandy is Going Out drives us deeply into the everyday experience of loss, despair, desire and inertia, a state mostly defining the generation Y. A whole universe lies…Continue Reading “Under Their Power; Sandy is Going Out by Viktor Szeri – review”

Viktor Szeri review, Phoenix

[A Tamás Páll, Gyula Muskovics & Viktor Szeri review by Zsuzsanna Komjáthy]   ‘A dark room is always a place for becoming that cultivates an internally differentiated sameness. It is a gateway into the infinite variation of being. Beyond representation.’ Beyond representation – for me, that is the substance environment of Phoenix, the so-called ongoing performance by the triumvirate of choreographer/dancer Viktor Szeri, media artist Tamás Páll & theorist Gyula Muskovics. As Szeri puts it: ‘it’s not an ordinary performance, it’s a kind of >>being<<.’…Continue Reading “The reborn; Szeri/Muskovics/Páll: Phoenix review”

Viktor Szeri dance choreographer

[Viktor Szeri, dance choreographer] Today, contemporary dance is not a superstar phenomenon, so to say. People are losing their interest in movements if they cannot find their own, personal relationship to them. I am also not particularly interested in techniques, rather search for movements that are born from emotions or from different conditions of the body.< Usually I work from my own life and from my own memories; the spaces I put on the stage are the rooms of my own, especially in my solos….Continue Reading “Viktor Szeri”