A man finds a hug uncomfortable. A man has to take responsibility and bring sacrifices. A man loves a good fight. A man has to stand on his own two feet. Myths of masculinity and gender stereotypes are addressed in contemporary context by choreographer László Fülöp in his new barrier-breaking performance. Hunting is a powerful and dense metaphor, referring to the most ancient task of men – to nurture their family and keep up their blood line –, as well as a strong community-building ritual….Continue Reading “Of Myths and Men – Timothy and the Things: Hunting review”

László Fülöp's portrait

In my works, I particularly seek to represent how the characters attempt to define and apprehend themselves through the other and their environment. I research how the structures created between these points of reference begin to strain until they are completely torn apart, or they transform the position of the participants to a point where the connection patterns previously created become invalid, forcing them to start over from scratch. This is a perspective full of constant searching, changing and shifting, without a beginning, an ending…Continue Reading “László Fülöp (Timothy and the Things)”