Dávid Somló performing It comes it goes

[An It comes it goes Somló & Vass review by Orsolya Bálint] If an endlessly repeated tune goes parallel with an endlessly performed movement, could they meet at infinity? After London, Berlin and Amsterdam, musician Dávid Somló and dancer-choreographer Imre Vass are attempting to create static movement/constant tune in their piece It comes it goes, on the site-specific festival PLACCC, at three different spots of Budapest. This time, we are in the middle of the long, narrow, dim-lit, graffiti-covered pedestrian tunnel under Bulcsú street, a…Continue Reading “DANCE ABOVE GROUND; IT COMES IT GOES (TUNNEL) BY DÁVID SOMLÓ & IMRE VASS REVIEW”

Imre Vass & Dávid Somló performing It comes it goes

[An It comes it goes Vass & Somló review by Dorottya Albert] While you are crossing the street to reach a point, maybe you have an appointment there, or you are just cold in the first days of the windy autumn; while you are taking your usual jogging rounds in Margaret Island, maybe you pull up for a second, as something unusual might have captured your attention. If this happened, it only meant that you ran into the 2018’s edition of Placcc festival, a site-specific…Continue Reading “Between the park and the river it comes, it goes; Dávid Somló & Imre Vass review”

Alexandra Mireková performing Urgent need to breathe

[A Ziggurat Project review by Zsuzsanna Komjáthy] As you could read it in our previous review, Urgent need to breathe is a plain, yet layered play, evolving from the most elementary human necessity, breathing. Or to be more precise, it evolves from non-breathing: freediving. After an exciting game together with the performers, whereby holding back your breath like an improvised diver you can experience your limits, the performance floats deeper into the mysterious underworld of the sea. Mixing the vertical structured movements of diving and…Continue Reading “In the pool; Urgent need to breathe #2, Ziggurat Project”