Viktor Szeri performing Melinda's dream, photo by Tibor Nagy.

A Viktor Szeri review by Zsuzsanna Komjáthy There is a definitive way of thinking that tries to put things in boxes and to endow phenomena with solid meanings. Probably it makes life easier to grasp, for some. However, what goes outside of this beautiful box structure, is (still) labelled dangerous and is (still) not welcomed in the wider society as it can question the machinery and most of all, the forces that conduct it. Melinda’s dream by Viktor Szeri bells the cat as it interrogates…Continue Reading “Until I find you; Melinda’s Dream Viktor Szeri review”


A man finds a hug uncomfortable. A man has to take responsibility and bring sacrifices. A man loves a good fight. A man has to stand on his own two feet. Myths of masculinity and gender stereotypes are addressed in contemporary context by choreographer László Fülöp in his new barrier-breaking performance. Hunting is a powerful and dense metaphor, referring to the most ancient task of men – to nurture their family and keep up their blood line –, as well as a strong community-building ritual….Continue Reading “Of Myths and Men – Timothy and the Things: Hunting review”