László Mádi performing InsideOut by Máté Mészáros; review

[A Máté Mészáros review by Zsuzsanna Komjáthy] How much is your neutral, ideally objective perspective distorted when you are involved in the play? What happens when distance dissolves in a proximity and you are literally part of a choreography? There will be a substantial shifting happening in the quality of spectatorship, obviously. Instead of being a voyeur, you transform into a participant of the show. So therefore, the usual linear-successive way of watching turns into a simultaneous, multi-perspective perception and the vertical direction of the…Continue Reading “Shared place; Insideout Máté Mészáros review”


I’m particularly looking for the necessity, the cross-compliance between thought and movement, trying to create situations, where nothing can happen without consequences. I’m absorbed in the variances and interferences between the body without emotion and the thought without physical reality and their division, i.e. breaking up the natural, basic mind-body complexity. The body acting without controlling thoughts (the dynamic object) marks the starting point of my works. When I am doing research for a new piece, I start out from my own personal issues, followed…Continue Reading “Máté Mészáros; choreographer”