I am particularly interested in investigating the imperfections of the human being, in observing how we fight and wrestle with that and in the end, how we all desire or chase the same: being accepted and loved. Regarding my creative work, I am rather a doer than a thinker. For me, research comes alongside with developing the performance itself. Moreover, research and developing are exactly the same for me, regardless of the shape or the form of the piece; it can be an abstract improvisation…Continue Reading “Luca Dömötör (UNI)”

Viola Lévai, Luca Dömötör.

A wimpy clapping noise is coming from here and a second later from there, then the embarrassed spectators suddenly stop applauding; was that the end of the choreography already, or just another resting moment of UNI? Since Luca Dömötör’s performance is playing with the distribution of energy and examines how standstills and dynamic acting are melting into each other, the embarrassment of spectators is not quite incomprehensible. Shorter and longer scenes, swaying and lumpy movements intersect each other and stretch the flexible texture of the…Continue Reading “Resistance of comprehension; Luca Dömötör UNI review”