Lili Stern dance choreographer

My works are usually defined by the sensorial process. The topics I am surveying in my choreographies derive from my interests as a person, followed by a concentrated research period. When the creative process starts, I try to avoid narrative storytelling in favor of developing bodily sensorial experiences. For instance in my last performance anorexia, the main topic of the piece, functions as a helping tool for me to generate a particular bodily feeling. I do not wish to transmit a message about what anorexia…Continue Reading “Lili Stern dance choreographer”

Lili Stern performing Loop Pool, Lili Stern review

[A Lili Stern review by Kristóf Farkas] Looping sounds, pool-like set design, a woman in nude underwear trying to swim on land in imaginary water, where the inner personal and outer social environment denote the once-was-fluid milieu. The terrifying thing is – thanks to the metaphoric audio and set design – when you get lost in this shoreless, vortical abyss, dazed and gazed, in this seemingly endless spa-rty. And you can bet, you are not there to feel good. Actually, you don’t know how you…Continue Reading “Soubjective; Loop Pool by Lili Stern review”