[A Viktor Szeri review by Dóri Albert] If there is a genre in music called self-depressive-synth-pop, why couldn’t it exist in dance as well? On the verge of anxiety, schizophrenia, self-identification and defenselessness, on the multimedia scene, where movement, silence vs. low beats (music: András Molnár) and dynamic light design (Kata Dézsi) interact, Viktor Szeri’s thrilling performance Sandy is Going Out drives us deeply into the everyday experience of loss, despair, desire and inertia, a state mostly defining the generation Y. A whole universe lies…Continue Reading “Under Their Power; Sandy is Going Out by Viktor Szeri – review”

[a Lili Raubinek review by Dorottya Albert] A young, attractive lady in a red dress, wearing a blonde wig, welcomes the audience as they enter the theatre and choose a seat in the half-square surrounding the dance floor. A few noisy walking-barking toy dogs are circling around her, while she is dancing and teasing, at times even baffling the spectators. Who might have thought, that the little toys will mark the culmination of the character ’s deconstruction? Lili Raubinek, the choreographer and performer of the…Continue Reading “Effeminacy and the dogs; Kelly by Lili Raubinek review”

Viktor Szeri performing Melinda's dream, photo by Tibor Nagy.

A Viktor Szeri review by Zsuzsanna Komjáthy There is a definitive way of thinking that tries to put things in boxes and to endow phenomena with solid meanings. Probably it makes life easier to grasp, for some. However, what goes outside of this beautiful box structure, is (still) labelled dangerous and is (still) not welcomed in the wider society as it can question the machinery and most of all, the forces that conduct it. Melinda’s dream by Viktor Szeri bells the cat as it interrogates…Continue Reading “Until I find you; Melinda’s Dream Viktor Szeri review”