Zoltán Vakulya & Jessica Simet performing Mirage

[A Hodworks review by Zsuzsanna Komjáthy] There is an obvious connection between movement and voice, and as it is said in certain eastern cultures, it might be breathing. Both movement and speech begins and then returns there, to that tiny air gap in-between, what binds and interrupts the activities of body and mind. Breathing can be conceived as silence, or as an atemporal emptiness that unconsciously connects and then deviates the curvature of movements and voices. It isn’t a coincidence that breathing has always been in…Continue Reading “Assemble in différance; Mirage Hodworks review”

Jessica Simet, Emese Nagy & Kristóf Várnagy (MA•ZE).

One of Hungary’s newest dance companies (and also probably the most social media-savvy one), MA•ZE has resolved to make contemporary dance cool again. They are young, sexy and passionate, and know how to drag the audience into their world. The first piece of their triple bill is a „pre-dance”, performed by the senior students of the Hungarian Dance University. Each of the young dancers have their own little solo our duet, and although some of them seem to be a bit overwhelmed by MA•ZE’s demanding…Continue Reading “Sexy & passionate; MA•ZE MAL/Give in review”

A hidden territory; Hodworks Sunday review

Strange and deterrent yet familiar and magnetic; Sunday by Hodworks is not just another matinee story that brings a nice smile to your face and leaves a pleasant but evanescent memory in your pocket. Rather, it is a grim discovery burning into your retina, leaving you no way out. Sunday is a journey to the hidden that you don’t want to see, but you have to. Because it reveals anOther, forbidding dimension, a shared and ashamed territory where anything prohibited is allowed now. This territory emerges…Continue Reading “A hidden territory; Hodworks Sunday review”