It will come later, iCoDaCo review.

[An iCoDaCo review by Zsuzsanna Komjáthy]   “>>It<< makes a move. >>It<< could be a man, a woman, a louse, an elephant.” Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari   It will come later – after seeing the latest work-in-progress performance of iCoDaCo in Budapest, this title makes me wonder: what might come later? The premiere, the moment we recognise a message behind, the dance itself, or something else? What might come later? What might be hiding behind, or rather, between and beyond the words? What does ‘it’…Continue Reading “What does ‘it’ mean?; It will come later iCoDaCo review”

Deeper by Marcio Kerber Canabarro (BR) - Csaba Molnár - Zsófia Tamara Vadas – Imre Vass

[A Canabarro – Molnár – Vadas – Vass review by Léna Megyeri] Around this time last year, there was a show called Deeper in Trafó House. At this year’s NEXTFESZT festival, once again there’s a show called Deeper – it’s supposed to be the reworked version of the very same show, but in fact what we see is more Deeper 2, like the sequel of a movie, set in the same universe with the same characters, but with a brand new storyline. We even get a…Continue Reading “Not deep enough; Deeper by Canabarro – Molnár – Vadas – Vass review”

Dávid Somló performing It comes it goes

[An It comes it goes Somló & Vass review by Orsolya Bálint] If an endlessly repeated tune goes parallel with an endlessly performed movement, could they meet at infinity? After London, Berlin and Amsterdam, musician Dávid Somló and dancer-choreographer Imre Vass are attempting to create static movement/constant tune in their piece It comes it goes, on the site-specific festival PLACCC, at three different spots of Budapest. This time, we are in the middle of the long, narrow, dim-lit, graffiti-covered pedestrian tunnel under Bulcsú street, a…Continue Reading “DANCE ABOVE GROUND; IT COMES IT GOES (TUNNEL) BY DÁVID SOMLÓ & IMRE VASS REVIEW”