The Issue by Soharóza, review

[A Soharóza review by Zsuzsanna Komjáthy] When it appears in artistic context, fashion show has a particular meaning. The models’ body is not a blank surface anymore that the designers can write on their messages, but a medium; a kind of political body that is exposed to and driven by the prevailing forces of society. On the catwalk, human beings turn into mannequins of individual mythologies (Tibor Hajas). They transform into shiny stars, ornate evidences of the success of self-investment. Yet they also unveil the…Continue Reading “Weeping celebration; The Issue – Soharóza review”

Emese Cuhorka; photo by Tibor Nagy

[Emese Cuhorka dancer & creator] Since I’ve been alive, I have known my body for the longest time, and it still fascinates me how I can deal with it. When I say ‘my body’, I also mean my nervous system, my brain, this whole complete fabrication, which enables me to have an impact and basically interfere with existence. There’s still plenty that I don’t know – since my body is also capable to perceive that –, but I suppose I am highly equipped with abilities to…Continue Reading “Emese Cuhorka”

Emese Cuhorka performing Solos (Hodworks)

A Hodworks review by Dorottya Albert „Snout-to-belly-to-bowel”, in a word called rasaesthetics is a term used by Richard Schechner to describe a floating, multi-layered sensorial experience. It emerges from the body, and relies on the processes of tasting, digesting, and finally, excretion. Simply saying, it is the place of mixing, pervading between inside and outside, absorbing intimacy and distance at the same time. No wonder, Solos by Hodworks incorporates this wide variety of bodily and emotional sensations through a diverse series of solos performed by three…Continue Reading “Snout-to-belly-to-bowel; Hodworks Solos Review”