Tatiana team

We have all studied at Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy and how we conceive dance is also something that we share: we all seek for new forms, endeavor to map personal relations and need to express our individual opinions. The quest for finding a common ground and the desire to attune personal demands is also a meeting point in our thinking. In Tatiana, a mixture of power, will, clear assertions and a more playful, humorous hiding is conveying what we have created all together. Anna Biczók…Continue Reading “Tatiana; Zsófia Tamara Vadas, Anna Biczók, Viktória Dányi, Dóra Furulyás”

An elusive choreography; Biczók–Dányi–Furulyás–Vadas Tatiana review

Intense bodily sensations enigmatically intermingle with calm moments of meditation, togetherness with solitude. Tatiana is a piece exploring extremities, magnetizing the beholder’s state and physical experiences at the same time. However, the shifts, the process of transformation from one end to the other might remain completely elusive. Tatiana is an invitation to enter the flow which originates from the spectator’s own body and state, emphasized and intensified by four characteristic dancers (Anna Biczók, Vikória Dányi, Dóra Furulyás, Zsófia Tamara Vadas). How can the spectator experience…Continue Reading “An elusive choreography; Biczók–Dányi–Furulyás–Vadas Tatiana review”