[A Dávid Somló & Imre Vass review by Zsuzsanna Komjáthy] Probably it’s not the most appropriate thought to start a review with, but watching Drohnentanz, my very first impression is how tricky power can affect the density of a performance. How that power, emerging from the muscles, entrails, so the eyes can focus and control the attention; how it can fecundate even the simplest form to achieve a contentful, yet embarrassing choreography. Drohnentanz follows a straight structure, it’s just as plain as the topic it…Continue Reading “Goes around, comes back around; Drohnentanz, Vass, Somló review”

Imre Vass & Dávid Somló performing It comes it goes

[An It comes it goes Vass & Somló review by Dorottya Albert] While you are crossing the street to reach a point, maybe you have an appointment there, or you are just cold in the first days of the windy autumn; while you are taking your usual jogging rounds in Margaret Island, maybe you pull up for a second, as something unusual might have captured your attention. If this happened, it only meant that you ran into the 2018’s edition of Placcc festival, a site-specific…Continue Reading “Between the park and the river it comes, it goes; Dávid Somló & Imre Vass review”