Csaba Molnár & Emese Cuhorka performing Masterwork

[An Emese Cuhorka & Csaba Molnár review by Léna Megyeri] I remember Boy George – a rather colorful character himself – once saying about Lady Gaga: „She’s the pinnacle of excess”. In that sense, we could call Emese Cuhorka and Csaba Molnár the Lady Gagas of contemporary dance in Hungary. Over the past few years, we were able to see them work in different formations, therefore we already know quite a lot about them. We know that they are fearless creators and performers who are…Continue Reading “The pinnacle of excess; Masterwork by Emese Cuhorka & Csaba Molnár – review”

Zoltán Vakulya & Jessica Simet performing Mirage

[A Hodworks review by Zsuzsanna Komjáthy] There is an obvious connection between movement and voice, and as it is said in certain eastern cultures, it might be breathing. Both movement and speech begins and then returns there, to that tiny air gap in-between, what binds and interrupts the activities of body and mind. Breathing can be conceived as silence, or as an atemporal emptiness that unconsciously connects and then deviates the curvature of movements and voices. It isn’t a coincidence that breathing has always been in…Continue Reading “Assemble in différance; Mirage Hodworks review”

Emese Cuhorka & Csaba Molnár performing Pandora's Box

[An Emese Cuhorka & Csaba Molnár review by Dorottya Albert] Nextfeszt, a festival organized by Trafó House, determined to examine the future through art, has arrived to its highest pitch by presenting Csaba Molnár and Emese Cuhorka’s very intimate grotesque duet, Pandora’s Box. Although the creators might have invited the audience into an imaginary, absurd world, the performance proposed so many links to the issues of our actual state of being, that it was almost impossible not to reflect on it with a sour smile…Continue Reading “Subversive Fantasies; Pandora’s Box by Emese Cuhorka & Csaba Molnár review”