Gyula Cserepes & Bea Egyed performing Late Night show

The question ”what is dance?” first came up decades ago, at the very beginning of the 1960s, but it is still lurking around globally. Choreographer Gyula Cserepes has already focused in his previous piece, Selfy on the interaction between performer and beholder by inviting the audience on stage. As a tool, he appealed to an unusual, but very friendly and decent community game, namely an old children’s folk game. At the center of his interest were the possibilities of equality between each person being present,…Continue Reading “Until We Breathe; Gyula Cserepes – Bea Egyed, Atelier 21220: Late Night Show Review”

Working together – thinking together. Instead of urging the participants of the productions to implement my instructions, my entire artistic work can be characterized by involving them into a wider and deeper sense of creation. The call, the proposition and the direction basically all come from me, although I aspire to give space to everyone included to unfold their own creativity. Regarding Late Night Show, my partner’s, Bea Egyed’s observations and reflexions had a fundamental effect on the rehearsal process and the final outcome. Ints…Continue Reading “Gyula Cserepes & Bea Egyed (ATELIER 21220)”