Anna Réti choreographer

I am slowly getting tired of saying this, but all I really care about is the development of the personality and the psyche. I usually begin research with dissecting my own current bundle of issues. I am my own starting point, but before I would make a statement, I look around to see how others relate to my concept. I think I have always been interested in details, the little things, subtleties in the quality of movement as well as visually. Simultaneously, in ideal case,…Continue Reading “Anna Réti; choreographer”

Anna Réti review, WHENI’LLHAVETIME

[An Anna Réti review written by Orsolya Bálint] Dancing is a life necessity for a dancer, like breathing. What if an artist gets married, has babies and gets devoured by the mundane and often grueling world of homemaking? How can she juggle her many hats, channel the hormonal-emotional tsunami of motherhood, balance the constant pressure of time with her artistic ambitions? WHENI’LLHAVETIME is also about all of us, our desires, dreams and needs, and putting them on hold, because ‘life gets in our way’. Choreographer…Continue Reading “Choreography of a home; WHENI’LLHAVETIME Anna Réti review”