Birthday party; Lior Lazarof Variation of Interior review

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Lior Lazarof

In Variation of Interior, Lior Lazarof invites the audience into the room of her own self. While she is sharing her thoughts and transforms her words into movements, we can literally sit on the edge of her personality. As her monologue begins, the fine line between Lazarof, the performer and Lazarof, the everyday girl blurs.

Lior Lazarof
Lior Lazarof performing Variation of Interior at Time and Dance mini-festival, organised by SÍN Cultural Centre in MU Theatre, 13-14th March, 2018. The choreography was firstly played at Ciało/Umysł Festival, Warsaw & was developed under the umbrella of a long-term Polish-Hungarian co-production, Time and Dance. Click on the image above to learn more about the project.

Following the associative mechanism of human thinking and memory, she randomly talks about topics she is involved with or she is worried about. Feministic and humanistic issues meet with highly personal memories; that is how the social pressure to give birth or the soreness of the loss of her family in the horror of the Holocaust blends with a personal memory of a cat feeding that ended with pet-tragedy.

Although her words are interesting, and we cannot do anything else but listen to her; topics and movements do not organize into a system, they do not reflect on, neither connect with each other in any way.  Variation of Interior does not have a crystallized form that we could apprehend.

Lior Lazarof 2
Lior Lazarof performing Variation of Interior at Time and Dance mini-festival, 2018.

Even though, her performance reaches its supposed goal. After a while, Lazarof achieves to blur the frontier between her and the audience, the ‘fourth wall’ falls down and a shared place is evolving. A place where we are all celebrating her virtual birthday together, singing a HBD song and eating delicious chocolate cake. The question is, was that our choice to join her virtual party or did we have no other choice?

Zsuzsanna Komjáthy


Creator, performer: Lior Lazarof. Partner in creation: Attila Andrási. In the frame of ‘Time and Dance’ programme by SÍN Cultural Centre & Fundacija Ciało/Umysł. MU Theatre, 14/03/2018.

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