Imre Vass, choreographer

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Imre Vass choreographer

Imre Vass choreographer

Where shall I start? – a returning question that ceaselessly points to the appropriate artistic question to begin with: Who am I? If I were a responsible artist, I would certainly stop here and remain silent. But it sounds too obvious. However, art has to interrogate the obvious and go beyond it, into the uncertain, so they say.

I have to admit, the only relevant question for me is Who am I? I always return here just to start everything all over, even though I am not particularly interested in identity issues or politics.

I just let things happen; I still jump around like a monkey, meaning I create, and if I have something to say, I try to form my thoughts, emotions and stories into images I can share with the audience. I were a fool if I tried to stop the flow of nature and interfere with rules of the universe, which are governing me as well, so I just let my personality go through transformations as part of nature.

In my performances, I invite people to witness and experience this. I believe my task here is not to amaze them, neither overwhelm them with myriads of spectacular insights or movements, but to turn them inwards, to their own core, to their starting point (Who am I?).

Imre Vass choreographerSimply put, I attempt to shoot an arrow into their heart – even if this sounds a bit cheesy. But I allow myself to be cheesy, I am an artist at the end of the day. Maybe a cheesy artist, and a stinky one.

I do not try to express my thoughts directly on stage, so my audience can negate my propositions of beingness. You, as a spectator, will always have the opportunity to refuse my definitions of myself that I can offer. By saying ‘I am not this, not that’ (just google ‘neti neti’), you can arrive to your own definition of yourself, and by practicing non-identification, you may also refuse your own definition of yourself, in order to be free of definitions.

Imre Vass

Polaroids by Zsuzsanna Komjáthy.

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