Lili Stern dance choreographer

My works are usually defined by the sensorial process. The topics I am surveying in my choreographies derive from my interests as a person, followed by a concentrated research period. When the creative process starts, I try to avoid narrative storytelling in favor of developing bodily sensorial experiences. For instance in my last performance anorexia, the main topic of the piece, functions as a helping tool for me to generate a particular bodily feeling. I do not wish to transmit a message about what anorexia…Continue Reading “Lili Stern dance choreographer”

Imre Vass choreographer

Where shall I start? – a returning question that ceaselessly points to the appropriate artistic question to begin with: Who am I? If I were a responsible artist, I would certainly stop here and remain silent. But it sounds too obvious. However, art has to interrogate the obvious and go beyond it, into the uncertain, so they say. I have to admit, the only relevant question for me is Who am I? I always return here just to start everything all over, even though I am not particularly interested…Continue Reading “Imre Vass, choreographer”


I’m particularly looking for the necessity, the cross-compliance between thought and movement, trying to create situations, where nothing can happen without consequences. I’m absorbed in the variances and interferences between the body without emotion and the thought without physical reality and their division, i.e. breaking up the natural, basic mind-body complexity. The body acting without controlling thoughts (the dynamic object) marks the starting point of my works. When I am doing research for a new piece, I start out from my own personal issues, followed…Continue Reading “Máté Mészáros; choreographer”