Dance doesn’t have its limits; it doesn’t know borders of countries as it does not necessarily require a language to be understood, and obviously can mediate the versatile nature of human beings easily.

Now, imagine that you are participating at an international dance festival, and the upcoming performer is a guy from a hidden country such as Hungary. You are quite curious how he might approach the world, so you decide to watch his choreography. Why not, heh? Before the show, you try to google him as you would like to be more familiar with his works but you cannot find too many relevant reviews and/or information on him. Such a shame.


So if you are interested in Central European contemporary art, especially in contemporary dance, then this site is made for you. From month to month, week to week, we write short reviews (scans) for you and introduce an artist (faces) from the area.

Our staff is included by young yet experienced dance writers/dance critics, editors and photographers who share the same goal: to make contemporary dance more visible.

Our team:

Zsuzsanna Komjáthy, Orsolya Bálint, Dorottya Albert, Léna Megyeri, Kristóf Farkas, Vanda Pap, Emese Kovács, Tibor Nagy, Boglárka Éva Zellei, Fruzsina András.